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Wearable Weights Booty Band

  • All-Purpose Fabric Booty Band-Toning, strengthening, and tightening your muscles is easier than ever with our heavy band suitable for barre, yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, weightlifting, stretching, or all the popular workout programs like P90X or BeachBody.
  • Targeted Fitness and Recovery – Our multipurpose heavy resistance fabric booty band can be used to provide stability in deep squats and other thigh and leg toning exercises.
  • NO SLIDING/ ROLLING/ BREAKING – The soft, breathable fabric and 3” wide band is thicker and more resilient than standard bands which keeps them from rolling down, bunching up, or slipping out of place during workouts, stretches, or squats.

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LOST THAT LAST FIVE POUNDS that is so pesky and hard to lose by adding Wearable Weights to my legs and arms in all my other workouts- did nothing different.

– Val – Chicago, IL

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Randy Hetrick/Creator TRX

Wearable Weights are good enough for this bad ass former Navy Seal and founder of TRX.

Sydney Lotuaco

Season #23 of NBC's The Bachelor, Syndey Lotuaco has rocked her weights from the beginning.

Sasha De Sola

Principal dancer with the San Francisco Ballet and the star of "Dancing with Nureyev."




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Wearable Weights™ are a fashion-forward line of weighted compression sleeves for the legs and arms. Our products are both linear and flexible and can be used in virtually any workout. Whatever your workout- INTENSIFY it with WEARABLE WEIGHTS™. Our patent pending design is the perfect combination of fashion, fitness, function, and innovative technology. Wearable Weights™ are designed to take your workouts to a new level of intensity and nuanced performance. ADD INTENSITY. ADD RESISTANCE. SCULPT/TONE. BURN MORE CALORIES. WEAR YOUR WEIGHTS. These are not your Momma’s old-fashioned leg and arm weights! Discreetly wear underneath your clothes to the office and burn calories while you work on your non-workout days! Go Ahead... Sweat the small stuff – the small isometric muscles! Weight it. Wear it. Work it.

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As Featured in Well + Good

So excited that Zoe Weiner wrote "These sleek wearable weights take functional fitness to a whole new level."

Made in America!

Wearable Weights are 100% manufacturered and made in the USA.

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Weights made for Rebounding!

Unlike traditional weights that do not stay in place, Wearable Weights are made to move with you.  The perfect fit and function for rebounding. 

Adji's Arm Series

ADJI's ARMS Series

 World renowned ballerina Adji Cissoko- our very own Global Brand Ambassador will be sharing her incredible arm exercises. Dancers are known for their beautiful sculpted arms- join Adji in an inspiring arm-workout and then incorporate those moves to your favorite play list and dance the night away! This is the first in a series that Wearable Weights is donating the proceeds to support artists like Adji during COVID.  As we know there are no performances and many performers are in need of our support! So let's do our part to support the arts!