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Next Decade 2020...

Next Decade 2020...

The decade is coming to a close.  This New Year is not just another year it is the start of a new decade! Where are you going?  Look forward don't look back....it is never too late to just start or change.

Let's face it most of us have great and honest intentions - we start out enthusiastically  - clean diet, eight hours sleep, no sugar, no alcohol and three to five times a week of exercise- cardio and strength training. Then the wheels come of the bus.  We revert back to our old habits.  WHY?  

My theory is simple- we take on too much too fast and expect unrealistic results in a short period of time and sometimes get injured which prevents us from continuing.

Why not introduce one simple thing this decade that is DOABLE and will yield benefits on so many levels.  WEARABLE WEIGHTS are the perfect answer.  Nothing complicated - they are simple to use and very effective.  Truthfully, the simpler a regimen -the easier and more effective it can be.....adding any light resistance will yield strong results as evidenced in a great article by the "Queen of Fitness"  Tracy Anderson- in her most recent newsletter she addresses that exact debate..."LIGHT RESISTANCE, STRONG RESULTS" November 2019.

We all know resistance training is an essential part of an effective exercise regimen.  She specifically addresses light hand weights providing added benefits that lifting heavy cannot. According to a recent study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, low-load resistance training and high-load both lead to muscular definition. Each technique can make you stronger but going light with resistance bands provides additional health benefits that heavy lifting weights fails to offer. 

The biggest benefit being decreased risk of injury.  Lifting something heavy forces your body to go out of alignment...which ends up compromising your form and increasing your chances of becoming injured while placing pressure on your joints like traditional ankle and wrist weights.  By abandoning heavy weights and adding our Wearable Weights arm and leg sleeves you will maintain better form and have a  greater success for continued improvement.  Going light also means you can "perform the full range of motion and concentrate on your posture, so you can end up doing the exercises correctly, targeting the correct muscles and achieve muscle tone" according to Tracy Anderson.   In addition, when you work out heavier there is a tendency to use momentum rather then strength...meaning the larger muscles in your body take over to lift that mass which in essence defeats the purpose.  But when you use lighter weights to complete that same exercise you activate and engage the smaller muscles rather than relying on those larger muscle groups to do the work.  In addition, you will tone those hard to reach areas that many compound exercises overlook- according to TA.  

Using lighter weights can also provide you with a leaner frame and increase your stamina - increasing your muscular endurance.  With Wearable Weights you can go lighter with sustained smaller movements that develop your slow-twitch muscle fibers and use more aerobic energy.  In addition, our weights are in a compression fabric that aids stability to the joints and aids in the quicker recovery of the fatigued muscles groups.  We have an innovative design that is linear with metal that is flexible.  WW's never sit on the joints like most traditional ankle or wrist weights. 

Wearable Weights are perfect -whether you have never exercised a day in your life or are a novice at working out.  They help you get started by just putting them on at work or play!  Discreet enough to even wear to work under your clothes. 

If you are an elite athlete they help you improve and make your existing workouts more challenging by adding resistance to your sport,  workout regimen, or at your favorite boutique fitness class. 

So JOIN the Wearable Weights movement into the next decade and see where you go! 









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