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What's Next???

What's Next???

When COVID-19 hit its peak - Jen and I were taken aback by how many of our customers, from around the world, reached out with Instagram Stories and shout-outs of how they were using their WEARABLE WEIGHTS - it brought us an immense amount of pride and joy!  Truthfully, the quarantine made many people find what our value proposition of bringing the " EXTRA" meant to a whole new level!  Washable. Made in the USA. It prompted many people to purchase our weights who were waiting on the sidelines for that right moment…doctors, healthcare workers, salespeople, and even fitness professionals.  Home fitness is a big deal!

The confinement showed many of us that we had very little equipment laying around our homes.  People were scrambling to maintain some normalcy and continue their fitness regimens. 

Wearable Weights "work-out" with your ZOOM classes, LIVE Instagram feeds, and are a perfect addition to any online exercise subscription class.  Many wrote to tell us they were wearing them all day in their "home offices" from 9 to 5 and then on to a ZOOM workout...talk about seamless transitions! 

How will COVID-19 change the way we workout?

What will this new paradigm in working out bring? Wearable Weights are rooted in exercise first - our product evolved from a need to bring EXTRA to any workout.  

My prediction is that some people will actually come out of this in better shape than they started!  People are carving time out of their day for fitness - they have made it a priority. They move around more at home with kids, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and long walks in the fresh air!  I myself have witnessed golfers walking the golf course...instead of riding in carts.  Sedentary lifestyle - new obesity...GONE! 

I’ll share my deepest, darkest secrets with you...when I’m physically engaged all-in working out – I’m too exhausted to think! 

For me it’s best to have that constant fix in my life, no matter the scenario - brain off and body on, so that I just keep moving, which keeps me from being mentally depressed. During this quarantine more of us found ourselves depressed.  By working out and sweating we create serotonins and endorphins that keep our immune systems strong! 

Katia Pryce of DANCEBODY's monthly newsletter had a quote that totally resonated with me...”Carol Welch said, Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental state." As we have all experienced, that post-workout brain reset, this quote couldn't feel more true!"

Your energy matters!

Jen and I want to thank all our loyal customers, new, and future ones to come - for your continued positive words and encouragement - that is what will get us through- the physical, mental, and spiritual connection - virtually or soon to be reality! 

We welcome your thoughts and would love to start the discussion.  How, when, what does it look like going back?  What's next? 

Positive vibes,


Wearable Weights 

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