Wearable Weights


Well there’s nothing more beautiful than natural movements that make us stronger. Legs that leap, arms that swing, backs that bend. Traditional weights limit the range of motion especially in isometric work ( think dance, barre, yoga) they literally restrict and force one to move differently. Wearable Weights™ mold to your muscles and your movements and you become one with your body and your modality. No interruptions…just continual graceful movement. Strength and grace.

Our unique design is unlike any arm or leg weights on the market they allow one the freedom to move in their modality – they are ergonomically designed to spread the weight out evenly over the entire leg and arm for execution. After your workout when you remove the weights your limbs feel light, free and stronger from the conditioning. Whether holding a plank a little longer, staying grounded in a Relevé, settling deeper into Warrior II or running/walking for miles Wearable Weights™ will add more strength and resistance training… all hands-free. Dancers need to work on proper hand placement so these arm weights allow them to work on their Port de Bras and beautiful finger placement while strengthening their arms thru all ranges of motion. Leg weights are great for strengthening any plyometric and leaping work. Recently on the World Of Dance -Derek Hough discovered the secret to great turns and fouettes – ankle weights. Wearable Weights™ are the most superb leg weights for dancers they are sleek and form fitting and you can easily adjust the weight load as necessary. The compression fabric is an added bonus to aid in the recovery of muscle fatigue.