Wearable Weights


The Wearable Weights™ story unfolded over seven years ago in Vicky’s barre studio. Jen and Vicky forged an undeniable friendship based on their love of barre workouts – Jen was a hard-core runner that converted her workouts to the strength and grace of barre, Pilates and dance! Vicky studied and trained as a professional classical ballet dancer, worked in corporate America and got back to her dance roots with opening the first barre/TRX studio in the Fox Valley area in Illinois in 2010. Vicky has certifications in Physical Mind Pilates, Xtend Barre and several other barre programs, TRX, Zumba, and many other formats where she saw a need for their product. Jen is an avid tennis player and former teenage Olympic athlete and is now a certified barre instructor.

Wearable Weights™ developed in the “test” kitchen of Vicky’s studio. Interestingly enough Nike is now using the Bandier studios in NY to test their products as well. Vicky and Jen are certainly on the cutting edge of innovation by doing the exact thing with Wearable Weights™. Constantly testing and tweaking their product to nearly 300 different prototypes, hundreds of arms, legs, classes and workouts to the final iteration today.

Vicky started testing traditional ankle weights on her client’s arms and legs and saw how clunky, awkward and heavy they were on the joints – specifically the ankles and wrists. Mind-body workouts, especially barre require people to lift their legs and arms with a greater range of motion which old-fashioned heavy clunky weights do not allow. In addition people want enough resistance to challenge them but not so much that they grip and “muscle” their movements – so the weights have to be heavy enough to feel the “burn” with her famous 100 repetitions – you know Vicky still can’t count peeps (insiders joke) … but light enough to have graceful and precise movement. New science reveals just adding small amounts of weight will amplify the workload without overload. Athletes and dancers still have to retain the beauty of the movement and practice the movements with that aplomb and grace and if the weights are too heavy they will alter the movement pattern, form, and fluidity. In addition, traditional hand-weights do not allow one to work the arms as effectively because you are holding all the weight in your hands. Dancers will love Wearable Weights™ because they will add weight and resistance but still allow the freedom of hand movements all hands free! Ballet requires precise hand and finger positioning and WEARABLE WEIGHTS™ products will enable them to practice their hand movements.

Jen and Vicky have tested them in virtually every workout imaginable to source the best industrial designers, materials, and fabricators to bring this product to market. They have a patent pending on this unique and innovative design and it is hand-made right here in the USA. The idea of compression sleeves, ankle and wrist weights are not novel but putting them together is a game changer for any serious athlete, dancer, weekend warrior or fitness addict – whatever your sport add WEARABLE WEIGHTS™ for intensity and increased caloric expenditure (depending on your workout, weight, age, perceived workload an average person can burn an additional 25 to 30 percent more).

Finally, Vicky always found some clients “cheated in their workouts” the mind always gives up before the body does and Wearable Weights™ make you work harder and smarter! Wearable Weights™ force in a positive manner that weighted feeling so you cannot cheat or swing your limbs around mindlessly with momentum. Wearable Weights™ truly intensify any mind/ body and cardio workouts. The human body and mind is an incredible machine let WEARABLE WEIGHTS™ empower all your workouts. Jen and Vicky want everyone to FEEL their workouts with a new intensity. So go ahead Sweat ( Washable, too!) the small stuff – the small isometric muscles!

Wear your weights – WEARABLE WEIGHTS™.