Wearable Weights


What are Wearable Weights™?

Wearable Weights™ are a flexible-weighted compression sleeve designed for the legs and arms. The science behind adding load to the body is real. Wearable Weights™ design patent pending weight system allows a person to add incremental loads to the body for both training and weight loss purposes. Weight loss results will vary everyone. Every person’s metabolism and make up is different. However, we know that the harder the body works, the more calories the body will burn. The art is getting the body to burn fat and burn calories more efficiently. By eating healthy and moving as much as possible, you will see better results.

What are the materials used in the weights and sleeves? How do I care for them?

Wearable Weights™ are designed to perform following proper care instructions. The sleeve material is a specially formulated compression fabric – FEELIT+5000 this sports material was engineered specifically for us – it allows wicking of sweat. The weights are made of a metal/iron polymer that is covered in nylon to prevent some oxidation – if you live in a very humid climate please watch for oxidation to possibly occur also avoid placing sleeves over white or very light leggings – if wearing these colors place Wearable Weights™ on bare skin.

If you follow proper care you will have great success in maintaining the longevity of the product. The sleeves are fashionable so you will want several pairs in different colors and patterns – but as any fitness equipment – depending on use, sweat, environment, and care the life of the sleeves will vary. Weights as well cannot be guaranteed since use and abuse cannot be underestimated but with proper care – they should last for years and are warrantied for six months.


How do I use my Wearable Weights™?

The use of Wearable Weights™ in a manner other than their intended use is not recommended and may result in serious injury to you. Wearable Weights™ assumes no liability or responsibility for improperly using any of our products so don’t come running! Please consult your physician before using any fitness product.

Okay regarding any training purposes. This is serious technology. So, if you have heart or other medical problems, use of this equipment may cause serious personal injury. Like we need to say this but please immediately stop using if you experience any of these symptoms during exercise – if you feel dizzy, faint, or short of breath. Go get checked out by your physician. 

What are the weights made from?

Wearable Weights™ are made from soft metal that is proprietary and non-toxic. This allows our weights to easily move, bend and conform to the shape of the wearer and their modality.

Wearable Weights™ can be evenly spread out on the body and do not interfere with a persons’ movements. They are safe for use in all types of activities and for people of all ages.

What are the weight sizes?

Weights for Female sleeves

1 X 10 = .30 lb. some settling may occur with production so that may vary slightly over or under on either side of .30

Each arm or leg sleeve fully loaded with fabric will weigh approximately 1.5 pounds

How much weight should I use?

It depends on what type of activities you are performing. Wearable Weights™ are meant to be worn during the day or during your workouts. We recommend starting at the lowest level and adding weight over time and as you become comfortable wearing them. The incremental weighting system allows you to get the more out of your daily or training activities by requiring your body to work slightly harder when executing tasks. This slight and incremental load over time and during exercises has a greater impact than wearing a significant amount of weight during a short period of time.

Is it easy to load and unload Wearable Weights™ from their sleeves?

Adding and removing weight to and from Wearable Weights™ is easy. Individual weights can be removed by turning the garment inside out, opening the design patented pocket and pulling the weight out. To insert, simply place the weight into the pocket and pull tab over like a pillowcase.

Will the weights move?

Wearable Weights™ patent pending design limits movement of the weights – the vertical tunnel design and the compression fabric keep them in place for most activities. The design provides for full body movements because of their flexible nature on both the vertical and horizontal plane- seamless movement- never altering your nuanced modalities- think exercises that require a finesse of movement – specifically barre, Pilates, yoga, dance, but not limited too! In addition to the design and compression, we added a cover with every pocket. Once you insert the weight, you pull over the tab cover to keep the weight secure in the pocket. Gravity is nature’s strongest force so you will find if a great deal of your workout is jumping, running, leaping, hopping they may settle a bit from the torque of the earth pulling them down. So, if they “settle” a bit around your wrists or ankles just readjust and pull them up a bit. Our Leg weights may require that extra hold so if you do not like any settling on your ankle we have cuffed the bottom edge over the weights to provide a stronger base. The higher intensity workouts that require a great deal of kicking and jumping may need to do this. We have also found from our experience that removing the leg sleeves is easiest when you fold them over from the top down and remove like a knee sock. The Arm sleeves have an adjustable velcro strap ( patent pending) that allows the variance in body weight changes- ie water loss/gain and muscles growth. To remove the arm sleeves best to pull them straight down from the wrist. See our HOW TO VIDEO for more information on installing and removing the weights into the sleeves.

Can I wear Wearable Weights™ under shirts, blouses, pants, or trousers?

Absolutely – they barely show underneath your street clothes! The slim vertical design profile with compression fabric almost provide a “Spanx” like feeling. The sleek flexible weights shape and contour your muscles making them virtually undetectable.

What is the difference between WEARABLE WEIGHTS™ and other leg/ankle arm weights?

Sand based weights are filled with sand or stones. These old-fashioned MOMMA’s weights are bulky and certainly not fashion friendly but more than the external they do not provide you the ability to reach your potential in movement because they inhibit and restrict movement. Sand is not flexible, nor does it mold to the body. Steel based products are either made from steel or powder coated iron or other hard metals. These products are hard against the body, do not flex or mold to the body. Our product is malleable to the muscle and the skin and ergonomically placed on the muscles to achieve form and nuanced exercise. Think a kick – you do not want a weight to impede your form or movement but if you need to strengthen without altering movement pattern that is the Wearable Weights™ advantage. In addition, our products allow you to still maintain your wardrobe! Wear whatever you want and add Wearable Weights™. Your collection of fashion leggings is never obsolete as with other companies- they require you to wear their clothing we are not clothing we are equipment that enhances your wardrobe. We are not ankle or arm weights- we are weighted compression equipment. Our product is for athletes and dancers that require that finesse of nuanced movement- professional or recreational. We as consumers spend a great deal of money on our boutique classes – so why not get that piece of equipment that intensifies every class you go to?

Shipping & Deliver

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