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Wearable Weights™ influencer and brand ambassador program

Are you interested in working with the Wearable Weights™ team? Through the WW brand ambassador program, we are building a community of individuals who have a passion for fitness, workouts, fashion and Wearable Weights™. An ambassador is someone who has pride in their workout ethic and whatever they do.

If you think that’s you, then we would love for you to apply! All applications are looked over by the Wearable Weights™ team in depth so response times may vary. We believe that every individual is their own brand, so we look for the individuals whose brands best align with ours!


The benefits:


What’s required:


Apply now:

Email: info@wearableweights.com, attention Vicky, with the following information:


The Wearable Weights™ influencer family!

A lot of times we get this question: do you promote influencers? The short answer is: sure, we do!


What do I need to do to become part of the Wearable Weights™ influencer program?

To be honest, not everybody can become an Influencer. This is what is required at a minimum:


Here is what we expect from you:

We trial all influencers for about a month. The first step is that we will send you a Wearable Weights arm sleeve to promote you – you will be able to pick from 3 colors and patterns that would best showcase you and or your modality! To get our wear to you we need some info from you:

When we’ve got that info, we are then able to send you your pair. Keep in mind that our items are all handmade, so it takes us a little while to get them to you. We print, cut, sew and ship them from the US. If you are not based in the US, please allow for longer shipping times.


I’ve got all the above, so how do I sign up?

Please shoot us an e-mail (info@wearableweights.com) and start the subject with INFLUENCERS

Please show us what you do, tell us what channels you have (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) And provide us the links to those channels. We can then figure out a deal for you. We also look for any potential conflict of interest.

Also, include the info we need listed in the bullet list above.

We hope to welcome you to the Wearable Weights™ influencers family!

You can also simply send us a message on Instagram and we can discuss the deal there: @wearableweights


Ok, I’m in… Now what?

To promote us you will need some basic info to get started. We like the posts on Instagram to include certain hashtags, but we also authorize you to have some artistic freedom to fit it to your following.

These are the hashtags (plus some suggested text) that we would like to see included:

Check the full range of our fashion-oriented weights by @wearableweights. Link in bio #wearableweights #getsleev’d #activewear #ankleweights #intensify #armweights#wearitweightitworkit #fitness #lifestyle#barre #yoga #pilates #goaheadsweatthesmallstuff #barresohard #girlswhotrain #sculpt/tone


How often do I have to post?

We will leave that up to you. This also depends on how big your following is.
Most of our influencers post 3 or 4 times a week. Every time in a new setting with a fresh picture.

The more you post > the more exposure > the more sales come in > the happier we are 🙂


What will happen after the first month?

After the trial period, it is time to see if both parties are happy with how things went.

Things we look for: 1) If you posted enough. 2) If there was enough engagement on the posts. 3) If your posts actually made sales.

If both parties are happy, we would like to build a really good relationship with you. This means we will send you new pairs of sleeves every quarter as the fashion trends change but there is more….

We like to reward people that do their best to promote us.


We would like to offer you a 10% rev-share also. This means that every sale you make to your following you will receive 10% of all the orders.

E.g. Our average order value is $120.00. 10% of $120.00 = $12 so every sale you make via your posts would return you $12 on average.

Every last Friday of the month we pay out all our influencers via PayPal.

Note: we only pay via PayPal, so make sure you have a PayPal account.

Some of our influencers make really good money by just promoting us.


That’s it… That’s all we wrote!

We hope we can welcome you to the Wearable Weights™ influencers family and that we can build an awesome relationship together!


Team Wearable Weights™

Jen & Vicky